FlexiCUT allows you to choose how many games you want to ‘cut’ in your multiple bet. If you chose Cut 1 you win also if one of the selections is wrong. Cut 2 : up to 2 wrong selections. Cut 3: up to 3 wrong selections. The total win is the one displayed, even if you guess all selections.

  1. The ‘Flexicut’ feature is available on certain bets placed with real money sports bets, at Betgr8 sole discretion.
  2. The ‘Flexicut’ feature can be used only with real money (no bonus/freebet).
  3. The ‘Flexicut’ feature cannot be Cashed Out.
  4. The ‘Flexicut’ feature will only be available on multiples of 5 events or more.
  5. The ‘Flexicut’ feature will only be available if a minimum total odds 1.16 or higher (unless otherwise specified).
  6. If one or more events is void, the minimum and maximum payout are recalculated considering and the bet will be voided if the new odds are below minimum total odds.
  7. Betgr8 reserves the right to deny or to terminate FLEXICUT offering, as well as to modify, suspend or discontinue its validity at its sole discretion and without informing the User.
  8. Betgr8 reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a FLEXICUT if the bet or a market is settled in error.
  9. Any bets that are settled in full or part using FLEXICUT will not count towards the turnover requirement of any offer.
  10. A FlexiCUT bet is won if a certain amount of selections is correct out of all selections, based on the bet placed. The Customer can get wrong 1 selections if he picks cut 1, 2 selections if he picks cut 2, 3 selection if he picks cut 3. The winning is the one displayed even if the outcome is correct for all selections.
    1. For example, a customer chooses CUT 2 on 8 selections with total odds 15, the bet will be win if 6 or more selections are correct out of 8 selections. The odds will be fixed at 15, even if the customer wins 6 or more selections. The win will be the one displayed (to win) with 6, 7 or 8 events.
  11. In the case of all selections being void, the FlexiCUT bet will be voided.
  12. FlexiCUT bets can be used only on the markets allowed by Betgr8.

General Terms and conditions of Betgr8 apply.