Predict 13 games, and win our weekly Jackpot of 1 MILLION SHILLINGS with only 15 ksh!

Betgr8 Main Prize Jackpot consists in predicting the results of all 13 matches selected by Betgr8 in the Jackpot Section.

If you correctly predict all match results, you win the “Main Jackpot Prize” - Jackpot prize divided equally amongst all the Jackpot Winners. Eg if the Main Jackpot is 1million ksh, and 4 players guessed it correctly, the win credited to each player will be 250,000 ksh.

Players are required to submit their predictions of the result of all pre-selected football matches (the "Matches") at BetGr8 jackpot before the first scheduled match of all competition kicks.

To win a share of the jackpot, players must correctly predict the final result of all Matches.

Matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play, including any ‘injury time'. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs shall not be included.

Jackpots amount is subject to change, and will be described in the Jackpot page every week.

Jackpot is the total amount that may be won by all participants/ players.

The Jackpot amount, consolation prizes and/or any bonuses thereof will be divided equally amongst all the Jackpot winners.

To play make your selections – on the BetGr8 Jackpot competition entry page (BetGr8 /jackpot), make your predictions for each one of the listed matches (Home win, Draw, Away win).

By choosing the “Auto Pick” option, if available, a random selection of one prediction per match will be automatically selected.

Check and place bets – Make sure to check all of the selections before you click on the "Place Bet" button. Once submitted, the bets cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded.



Terms and Conditions apply: